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저자/역자 복거일 저
출판사 KERI
출판일자 2014
배송료 무료
가격 ₩ 16,000
주문 수량
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도서 설명 요약
<진화하게 하라(LAISSEZ EVOLUER)>는 자본주의와 자유시장을 가장 근본적인 수준에서 변호하려 시도한 책입니다.

도서 상세 설명


소설가 복거일의 신작 LAISSEZ EVOLUER[레쎄 에볼류에]가 나왔습니다. ^^




우리말로 `진화하게 하라`는 뜻의 LAISSEZ EVOLUER.

작가가 직접 영어로 쓴 책입니다.



이 책의 핵심적 주장은 `생명이 진화의 산물이므로, 모든 일들에서 진화 과정은 방해 받지 않아야 한다. 필요하다고 판단되는 조치들은 진화 과정이 충분히 작동한 뒤에 나와야 한다`라고 합니다.





"Man always compares himself with others in all matters and judges his own welfare accordingly. What is important is the relative position, not the absolute level of welfare. What is ultimately important is one’s position in the social hierarchy. Our nature was formed during the long primitive times when men lived in small tribes. In such a tribe those who were high in the tribal hierarchy enjoyed an easy life and the opportunity to get a desirable partner while those who were low endured a hard life and had dim prospects of getting a good partner. What was important was not the average level of welfare but the relative position in the tribal hierarchy. So comparison with others is our nature and the resultant envy drives our activities. As Edward O. Wilson said, “Status is central to all complex mammal societies, humanity included”. [Consilience] It is natural that in modern democracy the politics of envy dominate the social landscape and an egalitarian agenda is steadily implemented.”


- 본문 중에서 -




             - 목차 -


1. The Naturalness of Capitalism

2. Economic Liberalism

3. The Nature of Property

4. The Justness of Property rights

5. Reciprocal Altruism

6. The Emergency of Harmony

7. Distributive Justice

8. The Justness of Capitalism

9. The Importance of Property Rights

10. Correction of Injustice in Property Owning

11. The Innate Threats to Capitalism

12. The Attractions of Alternative Systems

13. Evolutionary Progress

14. Evolution and Economic Development

15. The Financial Crisis and Capitalism

16. A Conjecture on Social Organization

17. Laissez Evoluer


* 택배비는 착불이며, 프리덤팩토리 사무실이나 프리덤강연 등의 행사에서 오프라인으로 미리 신청하신 후 구매하실 수 있습니다.

문의는 freedomfactory.ltd@gmail.com으로 해주시기 바랍니다.


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